Thursday, 3 June 2010

23.5.10 - Meadowfield Park


Nettie said...

Nice pics hun :)

DavePrime said...

I have always loved the looks of dandelions, set to scatter their seeds.

Very nice use of light/shadow and composition. You have such a professional eye for objects, Boo,

Well done!!

*Security word - cartare. Maybe that is some form of rare care treat? (Like steak tartare?)*

DavePrime said...

Der! "Car treat" Some form of rare CAR treat.... *facepalm*

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys.

And Dave, ha!

Hieronymous Anonymous said...

BTW, a colleague from work saw these, and said "Wow! You must have a really high quality camera!"

And I laughed and laughed...