Thursday, 8 January 2009

03.01.09 - Aberdeenshire, Part One


Tah said...

I agree with Shawna('s comment from the last post)! You have great perspective in your shots.

Shawna said...

Okay, gotta laugh: verification word is "hotscome: lol

I love the next to last one in this post--it looks like there ought to be fairies or pixies painted in there. And the one of the barbed wire is awesome, too.

Love the pics!

Acci said...

*has fond (?) memories of putting up barbed wire*

It's true what they're saying, by the way. You do have a good eye (or two) for perspective, background, lining up elements of the photo, et cetera. If you're not careful, people might start thinking you're an artist or something!

martine frampton said...

Hi browsing at random. Really loved your photographs.
much love Martine